Branding for healthcare is a challenging experience. No one wants to be sick and people are never happy to see doctors. 

So how make people love a hospital? This is the problem solved during the rebranding of the Oasis International Hospital in Beijing.

An Hospital for the community speaks the language of the community. That is why the UX for the Oasis Hospital website is focused on the target audience and not on the hospital services. The website is divided in to 4 main sections: Family, Women, Children and Men. Each section is dedicated to a different user/patient profile with specific information about services, events and doctors.

On on the top right of the page, utility-links help the user to find important information quickly.

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Emotion & Empathy

The patient doctor relationship is very important.
For this reason the website hosts a blog section. in This section the doctor can answer general questions. The head of the department has also their own page on social media such as Twitter and Linkedin. The use of social media has been fundamental for the promotion of the hospital to drive the user to the website.​