Co-working spaces were borne out of the necessity of quality working spaces for freelancers or start-up companies.

In Italy the idea of a co working space is still in its infancy so the challenge was how to communicate this modern idea.

A modern idea needs a modern communication. Using the parallax scrolling techniques, the website features big photos of the co-working space.

An intuitive navigation through a map helps the user to choose and book a desk in the work space. 

References are important.
A screen-page is dedicated to the experience of the co-worker that lives the space. Using the clients words is the best way to promote a successful business.

Visual identity:
The visual identity uses a series of words (in italian) that begin with “Co-”, as in co-working. All the navigation of the website is based on this concept using the words:
Co-ndividere (share)
Conoscere (know)
Co-struire (build)
Co-ntattare (contact)